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Rom 12:2: Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

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Sunday, 24 April 2011 01:06


Falling Mountain, Rising Seas


May 2nd, 2009

I had a dream I was on a vast plain with my brother and another person. On this plain there was nothing except a hill in front of us and, for some reason I new it was an over pass. The other person that was with me and my brother, I had never met, that I remember. Also, I could not see his face. Every time I looked at him his head was turned.


Then the stranger said to use, "Be careful." I looked behind me and there was a mountain. It was falling away in sections. Sliding off each other. I did not have any feel of urgency so, we kept walking toward the hill at a steady pace. Because there was not a chance of the falling debris to come near us


Then the stranger said, "We need to hurry."  Then all of a sudden I saw water bubbling up all around us. We started to run toward the hill now. When we reached the hill the sides were very steep. So, we started to climb. When we reached the top and rolled over the side, the strangers leg became stuck in a hole. As he rolled, his leg came off. The leg was logged in the hole, knee first and bent in a "V" shape. As we watched the leg disappeared into the ground. After staying on the hill a while and watching the water rise we came to the conclusion that we were not high enough. So we started running again. More hills appeared in front of us. As we ran and crossed over more hills we ran past one that was circular in the center and hollow. Out of the center there seemed to be large ants crawling up and out. We ran over the top of them not afraid because they could not harm us.


After continuing on for a time, we came across a very large, tall (giant) chair setting at an even larger table. We climbed up the chair and jumped onto the table. On top of the table was a black iron wrought lattice or grid that stretched up very high. Climbing up the grid, we came to the top of a plateau that had a trailer on it. We then ran inside the trailer then closed and sealed the door so water could not come in. Inside the trailer was an old man setting at a table in one of the rooms. I am not sure what he was doing, I could not see around him. Then he turned and got up wanting to go outside. I stopped him and showed him out the window that the seas had risen half way up the door of his trailer.


After staying in the trailer a while, it became a house with parts of the trailer still. I am not sure what parts, it's just that I knew it was still part tailer. the back porch was screened in like my grandparents porch. Half way across the the back screened in porch, the floor ended and the sea came in. I could see odd fish and crabs. The claws on the crabs did not open and close like you would imagine, but the claws did spin around. Inside the water with the crabs were lion fish with poison spikes. As I was watching a lady fell in the water, when she came out, she had a lion fish on each arm. She shook the lion fish off and as she did, one of the spikes came off and pierced me in the right hand.


As I watched the spike enter my hand between the thumb and index finger, the poison flowed into the palm of my hand making channels crossing around my palm. I went to the old man and showed him my palm, he asked me, "Have you ever had a shot?" Before I could answer, he took a silver metal object and started pealing the skin off the top of where ever the poison ran in my palm. As the skin pealed away, black liquid ran from my hand. After peeling all the skin from the channels away, the old man told me to go rinse my hand in bleach water. I found a green container on the porch with a water spout coming out the bottom that was trickling water. I placed my hands under the trickling water and rinsed away off the black fluid. When I looked at my hand again it was pure white with channels carved into the palm. It reminded me a a pattern, but I could not remember what.


Then the dreamed changed, I was talking to the old man next to a tall window that came about 3/4 the way down the wall. The window was about 1 1/2 to 2 feet wide and swung out like it had a crank handle. As I was talking, I could hear an annoying scratching, very feint, outside the window against the wall. After some time, I looked and it was  a small black chihuahua or wiener dog. As I looked at him, a cat jumped on the screen of the window and stretched out all it's limbs clinging to the screen. The color of the cat was a gray dead ash color. The cat told me, "You must stop." I could sense a very evil presence from the cat. I just looked at it and was not afraid. As I turned away, I do not know if it stayed there or dropped off.


A change again and I was standing in the hallway in front of some people. There was some one calling out on the porch. the old man went to look and came back in he door and pointed to the guy behind me and said he is asking for you. I told the guy behind me, "Let me go in front of you." I went out on the porch and asked the old man, "Where is the demon?" The old man said, "He is in Herman," and pointed to a small fuzzy creature on the floor. It reminded me of a very large angora hamster. The color of the creature was gold orange color. I knelt down in front of the creature and said, "I commanded you to speak in the name of Jesus of Nazareth." As I said that the creature started turning grey and twisting. I was not afraid, I started saying, "Jesus of Nazareth," over and over again. The more I said it the more the creature turned grey, twisted and tried to get away. The creature tried to run away behind some small boxes, but some one caught it in a small bucket and dumped it out in front of me again.


Then an odd thing happened, my wife woke me up and I was laying next to her on her right side. She did not speak to me, just put her arms around me, I started saying, "Jesus of Nazareth" again. As I did, the ceiling started bubbling turning purple, gold and black, with large and small bubbles coming and going. The louder I said "Jesus of Nazareth" the more of the ceiling bubbled. However, I could not say His name very well. It seemed to come out as a horse loud whisper or croaking voice. Then I was aware of my wife's arms around me. However, I could feel more than one set of arms. It seemed like 3 sets and, one of the hands was flat on the top of my head with the fingers spread out over my forehead. As I was trying to say "Jesus of Nazareth" over and over again as loud as I could, then Debbie really woke me up.


The interesting thing about this dream is that I was not afraid, I just knew what I needed to do at certain times. Also, the old man, I could see his face, but I do not remember what it looked like. Even after I really woke up (the second time) it did not remind me of a nightmare. It reminded me more of information that I needed to know.


I told my friends, a little of the dream and they were inspired to tell me of the following scripture verses.



Also, more information for me.

I Corinthians 8:11-13

Revelation 21:6


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